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1* to 5* hotels (Première Classe, Campanile, Kyriad et Kyriad Prestige, Tulip Inn, Golden Tulip and Royal Tulip).

To build today’s hotel industry, to imagine future concepts and to open up to promising new territories… such are the ambitions stated by our group, a major world-class hotel industry player still driven by its challenger spirit.

In order to achieve those ambitions, there are several objectives guiding them on a daily basis:

To stand out

Our group’s individuality stems from the various brands that make it up. Each brand is intent on shaking up the standards of their respective category, inventing new concepts that are far removed from the accepted codes used by major chains.

This nonconformist approach is expressed as follows:

  • A unique design for each Kyriad hotel, providing a different experience for every stay

  • The diversity in the architecture of Golden Tulip hotels throughout the world

  • The innovative ’Next-generation’ Campanile concept: fully renovated venues, upscale bedding, duvet etc.

  • The revival of budget hotels by Première Classe with individual bathrooms, WiFi and duvets

To be a pioneer

In order to improve the experience of the guests, especially in budget hotels, the group were pioneers in innovative services:

  • 1st hotel group to develop a mobile phone application, “HotelForYou”, which can instantly locate a hotel and make a booking in real time

  • 1st group to provide online Check In-Check Out in budget hotels for direct guest room access at the desired time

  • Free WiFi in the guest rooms

  • Visualised itineraries provided in online reservation websites

To grow together

On the basis of the professional culture, the Louvre Hotels Group want to develop assets bringing togetherthe 6 powerful brands with their differentiated positioning:

  • Exceeding 1150 hotels worldwide by late 2015

  • Reaching over 100 openings every year

  • Ranking in the Top 3 of the priority established areas

To change perceptions about the profession

Meeting the above challenges will require on the part much energy, innovation and ability.

To that end, the group seek to attract top talent as well as atypical profiles. In that way, it will continue nurturing challenger’s attitude and it shall be in a better position to stretch the limits of hotel industry standards.

This ambition is carried by a Human Resources policy resting upon three pillars:

  • Fostering a culture of accountability

  • Encouraging fast, in-house promotions

  • Rewarding and enhancing individual and collective performance

    Number of bedrooms : In Paris Region, 13 000 rooms

Ecology commitment :

To the way of thinking, there can be no quality without commitment.

Whether it involves hospitality, comfort or well-being, the Louvre Hotels Group responsible for the quality of service that is provided to you and the group is materially committed to it.

It also make sure to minimise the impact of the practises upon the environment. And because the group has historically been close to sports, they have made commitments to the French Swimming and Judo Federations, specifically by offering special deals to members of those federations.

  1. Quality

A sign of trustworthiness, the “Qualité Tourisme” certification

Louvre Hotels Group was granted the “Qualité Tourisme” certification, the only credential created by the French Government to be given to tourist industry professionals for the quality of their hospitality.

Issued following an audit performed at least every three years by a mystery customer working for an independent firm, the certification is granted to hotels on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Deploying a quality approach based on external controls

  • Obeying health and safety rules

  • Handling customer complaints and providing a satisfaction questionnaire in every hotel

Ongoing improvement in 5 steps

As a tool for assessment and progress, the “Qualité Tourisme” certification helps to ensure the group is involved in ongoing momentum towards improvement.

Specifically, in their hotels the “Qualité Tourisme” certification is expressed as follows:

  1. Comfortable premises: Upscale bedding, regular checks of the condition of the facilities, green spaces etc.

  2. Precise information: All guests enjoy a customised welcome, comprehensive information and clear instructions matching their requests

  3. Proffering social skills in the same vein as know-how: listening ability, ensuring the group is responsive and kind when handling customer demands

  4. Well-trained, competent staff able to ensure the right conditions for a successful stay

  5. Being involved in local life: The group is fond of differences, and take advantage of the international status to cultivate encounters and dialogue among cultures. All of the hotels abroad employ virtually nothing but local staff

2 – Environment

A sustainable determination, responsible measures

Saving energy, reducing waste and constructing environmentally-friendly buildings are crucial commitments in the business sector.

Accordingly the group:

  • favour showers over baths when building or renovating

  • install water-saving equipment in bathrooms (50% of water saved in showers)

  • raise customer awareness about energy and water use

  • favour renewable energy like heat pumps for ambient heating. And they have signed up for the “AlpEnergie 100” scheme with GDF Suez, which has helped to produce 100% renewable energy in 300 hotels

  • are working on eco-responsible projects: reclaiming greywater and setting up photovoltaic walls to produce hot water

  • are testing cleaning products and soap dispensers with eco certifications

  • are developing the use of recycled paper for their communication tools.

3 – Sports

Team spirit

Driven by the precision, passion and team spirit found in the sports world, the Louvre Hotels Group supports several federations. This commitment is expressed through privileged partnerships with the French Judo Federation since 2007 and the French Swimming Federation since 2008.

Given that athletes have specific kinds of needs, the group came up with “WelcomSport”, a scheme to provide teams with the best possible support during their travels (competitions, retreats, meetings etc.).


  • Clubs are hosted under optimal conditions: special rates for accommodation, bespoke meals and additional services suited to the needs of athletes

  • Members get competitive rates

  • 7% of what the club spends in the hotels of Louvre group is refunded when the season ends.

Accompanying escorts (doctors, executives, supporters) are also entitled to those benefits in the event of a group booking.

Opening and closing times

All year round.


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  • Cash dispensers


  • Sales TO/Distributors


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  • French


LIGNE 1 (stop at "La défense grande arche") and RER A (stop at "La défense")

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