The Paris Region experience is diverse and constantly being reinvented.


at 24 February 2015

In 2015, the Tourist Board promotes a new experience to be lived in Paris Region. Among others, it is the case on the American market.

The arts, shopping, gastronomy, walking tours, urban sports, nightlife and festivals: the Paris Region experience is diverse and constantly being reinvented.


This press kit presents the multiple facets of a renewed Paris and the latest trends that are being identified in the capital.

The bold designs of the Louis Vuitton Foundation to the West and the Philharmonie de Paris to the East, are both set to refine tourism in Paris. The opening of the Philharmonie de Paris, a unique music facility, has confirmed the dynamicism of Eastern Paris, which has been the site of rapid and growing development over the past few years. The opening of the boutique Generator Hostel in this section is anecdotal prime example.

The Paris Region Tourist Board and Atout France thank Tancrède Perrot, known as Tanc, for his artistic and creative participation on this RDV with the American tourism professionals.

Tancrède Perrot, known as Tanc, was born in 1979 in Paris. He is a French street artist, electronic music composer and designer recognized in the artistic world for his talent and his creativity.

Tanc’s creation style is unique; he composes his music and canvasses with great spontaneity. His heartbeat activates his arm like a metronome: the artist is not trying to control his flow, but rather understand the composition that suddenly appears on the canvas, perfect balance between consciousness and unconsciousness.

In this ever-changing city, Parisians are rediscovering an industrial heritage that has been enhanced and converted to provide attractive, new places to live.

Gastronomy remains a pillar of experimentation and creation in Paris, largely influenced by eco-responsible practices.

The “French Touch”, championed by innovative brands with growing reputations, gives new meaning to eleganceà la française.

The arts continue to be celebrated in all their diversity, with urban cultures reamining prominently influential.

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