Development strategy for the Ile-de-France "Groups" offer dedicated to French coach operators

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic gradually halted French and international travel.

To adapt to this situation, the Paris Region Tourist Board wanted to develop a strategy to promote the Ile-de-France "group offer" targeting French coach operators.

The objective of the strategy developed by the Paris Region Tourist Board is to generate economic spin-offs and to irrigate all the territories of Ile-de-France. This co-construction project, proposed by the CRT to the territories, is to be carried out over a two-year period, with the aim of strengthening the destination's offer.


The first stage was carried out in the year 2020.

It enabled :

  • Carrying out a market study on this sector in order to know the state of the programming of the capital region, with French and Belgian coach operators.
  • The identification of their distribution networks and marketing methods.
  • The presentation of this study to the Ile-de-France territorial actors from September 2020.

Following this presentation, a consultation process was undertaken with the regional actors of the Ile-de-France region, and 7 meetings, one per department, were organised. The exchanges were numerous and constructive and the approach was validated by all the participants.

The new stages of this project, are as follows:

  • Elaboration of a digital sales manual
  • Creation of a panel of 20 coach operators to present the products that will be listed in the future sales manual for the Ile-de-France group offer and to find out their reaction to the products and sites proposed

Promotion and support for the marketing of the territories' offer, targeting coach operators and their distribution networks, will be carried out from September 2021, health conditions permitting, of course.

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Division Manager - Leisure and Business

Michel MARI
Division Manager - Leisure and Business