The Paris Region Tourist Board, France's largest tourism operator, awarded ISO 9001 quality certification.


at 10 March 2015

Awarded to the Paris Region Tourist Board in February 2015, ISO 9001 quality certification recognises an innovative approach to quality and performance management to benefit tourists and industry professionals.


In the context of increased competition between tourist destinations and the importance of the tourism industry to the regional economy (over 500,000 jobs), Paris Region is positioning itself as a high-quality destination with professionals who are committed to constantly improving the quality of hospitality and services, which are major challenges in terms of securing repeat business and raising awareness. They are also a key strategic development area to maintain the region's attractiveness and its position as the world's leading tourist destination (47 million visitors from France and overseas representing €22 billion of spending).

The Paris Region Tourist Board quality action plan

  • To mobilise all departments towards a single unifying goal: quality
  • To satisfy its partners by taking a look at its internal organisation
  • To ensure excellence in processes, evaluation tools and continuous improvement
  • To bring together tourism professionals to develop the overall quality of the destination Paris Region

The Paris Region Tourist Board's quality initiative

The third French regional tourist board to be awarded ISO 9001 quality certification, the Paris Region Tourist Board is committed to continuing its policy of quality improvement and is building on an approach that involves all the skills of the company's stakeholders, collective awareness and a continuous evolution of internal culture.

For François Navarro, Managing Director of the Paris Region Tourist Board: "the quality initiative is not just a matter of tools and technology, it is also a motivating and unifying mindset, with sustained determination by management".

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