This autumn, get a taste of Ile-de-France


at 13 October 2015

The culinary scene in Paris Ile-de-France is diverse and continually reinventing itself.

It remains highly experimental and creative and is considerably influenced by tradition and innovation. The tourist destination abounds in culinary delights and offers varied dining experiences.

With 49% of its land area being agricultural, Île-de-France is rich in local produce and expertise. Whether you're in Yvelines (78), Seine-et-Marne (77), Essonne (91) or Val-de-Marne (94), it's easy to find a good restaurant to taste and savour the quality, often local products. 



Throughout autumn, Paris Ile-de-France is a food destination with many things happening.

Events not to be missed: 

Two "Semaines du Mangeons local" (eat local weeks) organised by CERVIA from 12 to 27 September.

The "Fabuleuse fête du mangeons local" ("fabulous eat local festival") on the banks of the Seine will be the highlight.

As part of the "Fête de la Gastronomie", from 25 to 27 September:

"J'aime les fromages de Brie" (I love Brie cheeses) in Seine-et-Marne restaurants over two months, from 25 September to 30 November

The Val-de-Marne department has organised a programme of unusual workshops and tours so you can meet people who are passionate about the area and discover local produce, or experience the unique charm of the guinguettes (open-air restaurants with their own dance floor). Find the whole programme at

New: "Croq’en Seine", 25 to 27 September in the Yvelines, Eure and Val d'Oise departments. Find the whole programme at

The Balade du Terroir (a local produce tour) in Essonne on 17 and 18 October. The full programme can be downloaded from

The Salon du terroir (local produce expo) from 20 to 22 November in Saint-Cloud , will attract over 100 exhibitors and feature a national catering competition. 

With the support of the Comité Régional du Tourisme Paris Ile-de-France (CRT), the departmental tourism committees 77, 78, 91 and 94, and CERVIA (French regional centre for agricultural and food development and innovation) are getting together for the first time this year to show people how to enjoy "eating local" according to their tastes.

This is a unique opportunity to discover good restaurants for couples, gourmet and farmers' markets, local produce with tastings and tours... but also innovative laboratories and their new pastries, and street food trucks with a thousand flavours.

Food in Paris Ile-de-France (Sources: CRT/INSEE -  2014)

Discovering French cuisine is the 5th most popular activity for tourists in Paris Ile-de-France (22.1% overall and 36.7% for international tourists).

It also comes 5th in terms of the reason for international tourists to visit.

Brazilians (56.6%), Russians (55.6%) and Mexicans (54.6%) are the 3 nationalities most interested in participating in this activity.

Out of the more than 84,000 tourist businesses in Paris Ile-de-France, food services are the best represented (45.4%), and out of the more than 500,000 jobs in tourism, food service is the 2nd largest activity, creating nearly a third of jobs (32.6%).

Food services and food in general occupy 2nd position (24.3 %) for tourist spending after accommodation (only on expenses incurred whilst here).

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