Business clientele, a key economic development sector of Paris Region territories


at 30 October 2013

As part of the regional strategy on the development of tourism and leisure activities, the CRT carried out a study on the profiles of business clientele. It involved more than 8,000 visitors in Paris Region for business purposes: in 2012, 3,860 events attracted 11 million visitors and generated almost €5 billion in economic benefits.

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The business traveller who comes to Paris Region is usually a man (64%), aged 42 on average, mainly from higher socio-occupational categories, usually travelling alone (79%) who has already been to this region in the past 5 years (90%), and mainly French (51% of visitors).

Moreover, the study reveals that the purpose of the trips are meetings and business contacts (57%) and that business travellers usually prefer to stay within Paris itself (74%). It should be noted that the Hauts de Seine department is the second most popular place for business clientele to stay (8%).