The Cultural season 2017 is the centrepiece of a national and international communication campaign


at 13 March 2017

France is the world’s leading tourist destination welcoming more than 80 million international visitors every year. One of the things that sets it apart is the unwavering constancy of the French spirit which continues to shine in the world and which Paris embodies so well. It is the result of a precious and clever blend of culture, heritage, creation, gastronomy, fashion, luxury, design and craftsmanship.

This is evidenced by the diversity of the programming offered by the cultural stakeholders of the capital and its region, which continues to open up to new practices and to enrich itself year after year to address all audiences and adapt to all forms of tourism.


The 2017 Cultural Season is the first edition of a cultural enhancement initiative in France and abroad. It aims to highlight the abundant cultural offer in Paris and the Île-de-France region concerning all artistic disciplines. It shows that culture is well and truly alive in Paris but also everywhere in France. It is an experience like no other.
The 2017 Cultural Season benefits from an exceptional partnership between the State, through the Ministry of Culture and Communication and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, the City of Paris and the Île-de-France Region. All three partners have worked together to present the 2017 Cultural Season and organise promotional events, such as a press trip in March 2017 or the launch party on 20th March 2017.

The 2017 Cultural Season is at the heart of a vast national and international communication campaign developed jointly and financed as part of the €8 M tourism stimulus package, €4 M of which has come from the State, €2 M from the City of Paris and €2 million from the Île-de-France Region.

For Valérie Pécresse, President of the Regional Council for the Paris Region, "Cultural tourism is fully consistent with our ambition to become a multilingual smart region. It is also central to our new strategy of promoting easy access to cultural resources for everyone in the Paris Region, as well as our relaunch plan, one of the highlights of which will be a multilingual app designed to guide tourists around the city and its region and help them to find the cultural activities they are interested in.

I am in no doubt whatsoever that the rich diversity, exceptional quality and bold ambition of our "Saison culturelle 2017" will prove irresistible to French and international visitors, and guide them as they discover our wonderful region".

This campaign is being implemented as follows:


Accessible to the public from March 2017, the cultural agenda, developed by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, will initially present the majority of programmes of the cultural institutions of Paris and Île-de-France and then all of France. All of the cultural establishments have been asked for the programming presented to be as exhaustive as possible. Accordingly, more than 500 events have been identified.
The cultural agenda is available in several languages on the website and will be editorialised based on the cultural calendar in order to provide both French and international Internet users with the most accurate news possible on the major cultural events.

Developed as a white label, the cultural agenda is made freely available to tourism operators around the world, cultural establishments, the media and any other site wishing to promote cultural tourism in France.
Cultural Season Identity 2017


Designed by graphics agency Des Signes, Studio Muchir and Desclouds, the campaign’s visual identity is printed on all documents developed as part of the 2017 Cultural Season’s communication campaign.
This logo is available to all cultural institutions and all partners of the 2017 Cultural Season for inclusion in their own communications.

Agence Des Signes, Studio Muchir et Desclouds


The Ministry of Culture and Communication has commissioned actress and director Mélanie Laurent to make a 3 minute film.
This film, produced in partnership with France Télévisions, is part of Atout France’s communication campaign and is broadcast on the France Télévisions, France Médias Monde and other networks as well as on websites and social networks.

Several trailers will also be taken from the editing of this audiovisual production. They will be broadcast on major international channels such as France 24 and TV5 Monde, as well as the national channels of France Télévisions. They will also be broadcast on the Internet and social networks.


The communication of the 2017 Cultural Season is part of the Feel France communication campaign led by Atout France as part of the state stimulus plan for tourism, announced by Jean-Marc Ayrault, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development on the 13th September 2016 at the Economic Emergency Committee for Tourism.
The 2017 Cultural Season will be promoted through a large-scale international communication campaign called #FeelFrenchCulture, operated by the Grey agency. This campaign is part of the great tourism stimulus plan launched by the State, in partnership with the city of Paris and the Île-de-France Region.

Communication and press campaigns will begin in three European countries: the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands before gradually being rolled out to the rest of the world.
Promotional events will also be developed throughout the year in France and abroad based on the programming calendar of the cultural institutions. As a result, 80 international journalists and influencers from more than 30 countries are invited from the 19th to 22nd March 2017 to Paris and the Île-de-France. This press trip aims to present a preview of the major exhibitions in the Paris and Île-de-France museums, shows in live performance institutions, and discover as yet unknown places. It will also be an opportunity to promote bistronomy, including the  "Taste of/Good France" event on the 21st March.

Find the full programming schedule in the press kit below

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