Paris Region digital workshop - Japan 2020

As a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, the Paris Region Tourist Board in conjunction with the Atout France Japan office will be offering a digital version of the mission dedicated to Paris Region.

This mission is operated jointly alongside the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau.

  • The market has evolved with a strong development of the programme range and growth in the FIT and MICE sectors: business travel in 2019 accounted for 30% of our visitors, 5% up compared to 2018.
  • The JATA association, with whom the Paris Region Tourist Board enjoys a partnership agreement, is preparing to relaunch at the end of the year, depending on whether flights are available.
    The strategy involves targeting clienteles that are likely to return promptly after the crisis: repeaters (rather than first-timers) and destinations that may not generate the highest visitor numbers but do produce higher revenues: USA, Canada and Western Europe, starting with France.
Size and context of the Japanese market

The Japanese market has been in steep decline for a number of years due to a range of economic factors, including a general fall in Japanese visitors travelling overseas, the Yen falling against the Euro and an ageing population. This reached its low point in 2016 before experiencing 3 good years of double-digit year on year growth: in 2019 this was up 19% in terms of arrivals (or 543,000 tourists) and + 20% in revenue (€480 million).


Given the time difference (8 hours) between France and Japan, and to ensure that the number of meetings remain consistent for all, (16 per partner) 2 morning sessions are planned: from 8h00 to 11h30 French time, which would be 16h00 to 19H30 in Asia.

In order to ease any connectivity problems that the TO may have during meetings, the Paris Region Tourist Board has arranged a meeting room equipped with computers that offer suitable connections and will therefore allow the TO to work in the best possible conditions.

Interpreters will be on hand to assist during the meetings, which should each last 20 minutes in order to allow additional time for any language difficulties.

These digital workshops will take place on Thursday 29th and Friday 30th October

  • 8h15 – 8h25 : Welcome address from the directors of the Paris Region Tourist Board and the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • 8h30 - 20 minute scheduled meetings begin.
  • 9H50 -10h10 : Break
  • 10h10 - 11h30 : 20 minute scheduled meetings recommence
  • 11h30 : End of the workshop – Closing address by the Paris Region Tourist Board
  • Date

    Digital workshops:
    29th and 30th October
    from 8h15 to 11h30

  • Location

    Digital workshops


Tel: 33 (1) 73 00 77 74