Trade shows


In 2019, the 21 major exhibition and congress sites in Paris Region hosted 434 fairs (216 trade fairs and 218 general public fairs) and 1,084 congresses that attracted a total of 105,000 exhibiting companies, 8.1 million visitors and 922,000 delegates!

The fairs and congresses sector generated €5.7 billion in revenue (€4.2bn for fairs and €1.3bn for congresses). The subsequent turnover for exhibiting companies is estimated to be €20.8 billion!

Sources : CCI Paris Île-de-France

VISIT PARIS REGION is actively involved in this sector, working towards the economic development and enhanced appeal of Paris Region, most notably through the establishment and financing of the  Welcome Pack for Fairs and Congresses in the Paris Region in 2009 in partnership with Viparis, Paris Aiports (ADP Groupe) and, since 2020, the ACCOR Group.

The Welcome Pack is a scheme that provides welcome services at airports, free shuttle bus transfers to and from event venues and a host of services dedicated to visitors, exhibitors and delegates.

 In 2019 a total of 42 professional events benefited from the Welcome Pack for Fairs and Congresses, which was deployed for a total of 148 days.