Press release #ParisWeLoveYou


at 14 December 2015

Alliance 46.2 launches an institutional solidarity campaign to boost the attractiveness of Paris, tourist gateway to France. This viral campaign will begin at noon on 15 December 2015, with the hashtag #ParisWeLoveYou.


The dramatic events that struck France in early November have affected the country in many ways: first, on the level of our emotions and feelings, triggering an unprecedented wave of public awareness in France and at the global level. Yet it has also had a severe impact on the tourism industry.

It is within this context that Alliance 46.2 has chosen to respond by launching a major campaign that aims to reassure public opinion and to boost the attractiveness of Paris not only among Parisians and the people of France, but also among the foreigners that visit us daily.

This viral campaign will be launched on Tuesday, 15 December, at 12 noon and will evolve around the federating hashtag, #ParisWeLoveYou.

The campaign’s goal is to communicate one strong message: “PARIS WILL ALWAYS BE UNIQUE”

A dedicated website invites the online community to share photos illustrating their attachment to Paris. Thanks to the power of social media, we plan to create an enormous mobilisation of public opinion. This mobilisation will be amplified by a physical materialization of the #ParisWeLoveYou hashtag, a giant object that will be covered with photos from web surfers in the weeks ahead and placed in a symbolic location in Paris.

To date, the French government, the City of Paris and 50 companies have already shown their partnership with this campaign by relaying it on their own websites and social networks. Alliance 46.2 invites Parisians of all walks of life and Paris lovers in general to join this solidarity movement, which will show the world that life goes on in Paris, that we live here in safety and that the City of Lights is as beautiful as ever.

Commenting on the campaign’s launch, the members of Alliance 46.2 stated, “With France planning to accommodate 100 million tourists by 2020, we feel that this solidarity campaign is essential to remind people everywhere that Paris, the tourist gateway to France, remains the city it has always been: the city we love, because it welcomes the world.”

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