Regional Tourism and Leisure Development Plan 2022-2026


The Region has launched the preparation of the next Regional Tourism and Leisure Development Plan* for Paris region 2022-2026, in which all territories and professionals will be involved.

*In French : Schéma Régional de Développement du Tourisme et des Loisirs (SRDTL)

Why a Regional Tourism and Leisure Development Plan for Paris region?

The Tourism Code sets the legal framework for regional intervention in tourism. It gives the Region the task of defining "the medium-term objectives of regional tourism development".

In this period of major crisis experienced by the sector, the Paris Region wanted to reaffirm its commitment to tourism through the development of a new strategy for 2022-2026. The Region would like this plan to be a moment of mobilisation and action, which will enable a renewed vision to emerge, as well as short and medium term solutions and projects to revive our economy.

On 11 June 2020, it entrusted the Paris Region Tourist Board with the task of drawing up the regional plan and leading a wide-ranging consultation process.

The Region's priorities for the next plan

4 priorities :

  • Strengthen the resilience of the Paris Region destination
  • Strengthen the diversity of the tourist offer to improve the distribution of flows in the Region
  • Mobilise the tourism and leisure industry to host major sporting events
  • Strengthen the agility of tourism professionals to maintain the dynamism of the tourism industry in the long term and help it to transform itself in order to better take into account the challenges of sustainable and resilient development

Work schedule

1st phase: October 2020 - April 2021
  • 8 October 2020: Launch by Valérie Pécresse, President of the Paris Region
  • October 2020 - February 2021:
    • 1st phase of departmental consultation: issues and prospects
    • Assessment of the 2017-2021 SRDTL
    • Diagnosis of the Paris Region destination
    • Online survey of Paris Region tourism stakeholders
    • Interviews
2nd phase: April - November 2021
  • April-July 2021: Consultation on strategic orientations and courses of action
    • 2nd phase of departmental consultation 
    • Contributions sur la plateforme Jenparle: idées d’actions
  • July-September 2021: Writing of the SRDTL
  • September-November 2021: Consultation of associated public bodies for their opinion
  • November 2021: Vote on the SRDTL 2022-2026

*Indicative timetable

The consultation process

A complete system
  • Major regional events
    • 3-4 global regional meetings (launch, strategic axes, conclusion of work, sustainable tourism thematic meeting)
  •     Two series of departmental meetings
    • 1 on the diagnosis and issues
    • 1 on the strategic axes and the courses of action
  •  An online survey of all professionals
    • Measure the impact of the crisi
    • To understand the strategies to be implemented for the future
  • 50 interviews, combining assessment and strategic issues
    • Institutional actors
    • Professional actors
    • Researchers
  •  An online platform
    • Dedicated resource centre
    • Collection of contributions
    • Collection of proposals/ideas...
  • Dedicated thematic working groups
  • Mobilisation of the CESER and the Regional Youth Council

The issues for the RTLDP

5 strategic issues will structure the debates
  • Supporting private and public tourism stakeholders in the short and medium term
  • Designing a more resilient destination in the face of crises
  •  Expanding the offer in geographical and thematic terms
  • Adapt the destination to climate change
  • Resolve the problems of overtourism

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