Workshop France - Australia 2014

Professional workshop for Australian and New Zealand travel agents. Travel agents move freely between exhibitors' stands for 3 hours (16:00 to 19:00) in each town: 1,400 travel agents expected.

The Australian market is characterised by a linear seasonality (holidays and seasons are inversed) and long stays of about 14 days.

Australian tourists are usually "repeaters", mainly from higher socio-occupational categories, aged 25 to 65. In France they seek cultural trips and products related to gastronomy and are more and more attracted to river cruises and remembrance tourism.

Moreover, according to the magazine "Luxury Travel", and for the ninth year running, Australians cite Paris as their favourite capital city, before London and New York.

  • Date

    Sydney : 01 September. Melbourne : 02 September. Auckland : 05 September.


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