Review of the press Campaign "Do You Speak Touriste ?"


at 18 June 2013

The awareness-raising and press campaign called "Do You Speak Touriste? ", launched on 18 June 2013, aroused a lot of excellent media coverage.


Several major press agencies in France, Europe and the USA relayed the information, leading to more than 82% of press coverage abroad, particularly in the United States, with 247 online press articles and about fifty newspaper articles, including The New York Times, but also in Spain, Great Britain, Italy and the rest of the world.

The guide "Do You Speak Touriste?" and the website, designed by the Paris Region Tourist Board and the CCI for tourist professionals (shop-keepers, hoteliers, restaurant owners, taxis, host agencies, artisans, museums, etc.), aims to improve the reception of international tourists.

Although Paris Region remains the favourite destination for international tourists (33 million in 2011), the reception we give our visitors needs to be improved in this very competitive context: a better command of foreign languages, a better knowledge of good manners and tourist expectations.

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