Immersion at Rungis Market Subject to resumption of visits in September 2021

Dive into the heart of the largest fresh produce market in the world and meet the men and women who make this crossroads of exchange an exceptional place!

Located at Les Halles in the 19th century and described by Emile Zola as the "belly of Paris", it was on the night of 3 March 1969 that more than 20,000 people set out for Rungis Market. Considered the "biggest move" of the century, it lasted only 24 hours.

We met in the Tide sector, considered to be one of the largest ports in France in terms of volume. Indeed, more than 97,000 tons of fish and shellfish are marketed each year. You will be amazed by the range of products straight from the sea. Your guide will then introduce you to the sales techniques and organisation governing Rungis Market.

Your bus will then take you to the Meat Products sector where all the species are represented: butcher's meat, poultry, pork, game and tripe, all of which have made the reputation of the French gastronomic tradition. You will then witness the incredible spectacle of the transport of large pieces of meat that you will find on the plates of the greatest tables. As you pass, you may hear a butcher declare "It's clean! "meaning in Halles slang that all the meat has been sold.

Then, you will head towards the Dairy Products (cheese, eggs, butter, cream, ultra-fresh) and Catering Pavilions. Within these walls are the largest cheese wheels, which mature over time, and a multitude of cheeses with designations of origin: hard cheeses, soft cheeses, uncooked and cooked pressed cheeses, etc.

Your guided tour will continue in the largest sector of Rungis Market, fruit and vegetables. From Ile-de-France to the other side of the world, thousands of products from the most common to the most exotic will offer a festival of colours and scents to your senses.

This immersion in the heart of Rungis Market will end with the Cut Flowers Pavilion. The horticulture sector, with its seasonal rhythm, will dazzle you with its colours and bewitch you with its scents. Among the maze of cut flowers, potted plants, trees, shrubs and even bonsai trees, your guide will share with you his knowledge of botany and horticulture.

After discovering all these treasures, we suggest you complete your visit with a gourmet breakfast made from fresh produce or with lunch in one of the restaurants at Rungis Market.

Opening and closing times

Every day throughout the year between 9.30 am and 6 pm. Closed Saturday and Sunday. Closed between 12:30 to 1:00.


Group adults: from 46.80 €.

● Visit + Terroir brunch

Private 952.20€/group
● Visit + Rungissois lunch

Private 1269€/group.


Types of customers

  • Cash dispensers
  • Groups


  • Sales TO/Distributors


  • Animals accepted

Additional information

  • Other available language : Norwegian
  • Bar/restaurant
  • Time : 3h


Spoken languages

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish


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