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9 exceptional hotels.

Philippe Savry, founder and president, enlightens us on what makes an extraordinary hotel experience.

In an age that is obsessed with instant gratification, we tend to lose our sense of memory. By cultivating a taste for history and all things authentic, «Hôtels Particuliers» provides a hotel product that is rooted in our origins, with noble addresses marked by beauty. «Instead of ostentation and flashy design, we favour timeless harmony and French-style elegance» declares a passionate Philippe Savry.

This conviction struck him over forty years ago when he discovered an abandoned building that is now the Général d’Elbée Hotel, at the heart of the Ile de Noirmoutier: «This was my first adventure in bringing the personality of an exceptional house back to life », he likes to recall. Since then, he has put all his energy into saving and breathing new life into the soul of historic listed buildings and protected sites. Every three years of so « the family » grows and now includes 10 such properties, the newest addition being the Citadelle Vauban in Belle-Ile-en-Mer.

His aim is to provide a setting that is far removed from our day-to-day. This is a special alchemy born of escapism, reflection, tranquillity and simplicity, allowing us to attain a different form of happiness.

«Each of our hotels invites you to share in the spirit of the venue. To contemplate the beauty of a landscape, cultivate the silence of a garden or a park, read upon the walls the traces of the past and enjoy so many other forms of introspection that help us to better understand the lessons of history that these buildings teach us. Our heritage is the basis for our memories ».

These places are charged with history but are also sanctuaries of art de vivre, and the «Hôtels Particuliers» extend this spiritual and sensory escapade by refining the detail: a delicate cuisine that is dreamed up with products regional seasonality as well as a strong cultural bent that is expressed though recitals, concerts, exhibitions and museum visits.

«Visiting us means entering the home of a friend and appreciating a warm atmosphere and the soul of the walls around you. It provides a rare and precious pleasure in what is, above all, a place where people live ».



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