Results of tourism activity for the year 2015

In 2015, the hotel attendance in Paris Region amounts to 32.4 million of arrivals and 66.3 million of overnight stays. The share of French guests is in slight progress compared with the year 2014 both in terms of arrivals (51.9%, +0.5 point) and overnight stays (42.9%, +0.3 point).


The number of hotel arrivals has slightly increased compared with the year 2014 (+0.5%) mainly because of the increase in French visits (+1.4%). In terms of overnight stays the hotel attendance records a light decrease (-0.6%) due to a more significant drop in international visitors (-1.2%).

The European guests are mainly decreasing in particular the Italians and the Dutch. Only the Spanish are progressing. Overall the greatest progress was recorded for the Chinese guests. It should also be noted that the Americans, the major customers of the destination are also in progress in 2015, as are tourists originating from the Near and Middle East.

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