Paris Region, source of inspiration

The Paris Region has just acquired a new internationally visible logo which will highlight all the assets the region has to offer.


The figures are impressive: 20% of the French population, 30% of GNP; Europe's largest employment pool, the world's leading tourist destination, Europe's leading cluster of universities, almost 40% of France's R&D workforce; two international airports and 592 railway stations, a major economic power with 80% of its surface area covered in natural areas, etc.

Yet does the world perceive, know and understand this? To make sure, a structured marketing initiative was conducted to identify the image projected by the Paris Region and compare it with those of its European competitors.

Jean-Paul Planchou (Vice-Chairman of the Regional Council in charge of economic development, new information and communication technologies, tourism, innovation and the social and solidarity economy), who prompted the initiative, considers that "it is just the right time to highlight what differentiates us in economic terms. Because, as well as being acknowledged as an attractive destination, we are the only region to implement a project that will give structure to our region and which is the only project of its type in the world. Called the "Nouveau Grand Paris", it will receive considerable state funding. We are also the only region to have a population that is both young and cosmopolitan. Lastly, we are the only region to build bridges between our traditional industries and new fields of research."

A visual identity that embodies its positioning

  • radiating sticks
  • an array of colours representing diversity, a medley of talents, a melting pot
  • in reserve, the shape of the Eiffel Tower appears, reproducing the region's symbol

This logo will be adopted by the two organisations that develop the region's image internationally: the Paris Region Economic Development Agency and the Paris Region Tourist Board.

Thus, the Paris Region Tourist Board has acquired a new visual identity

Paris Région CRT

a brand image to convey all the region's news

Visit Paris Région

a trademark to provide information on all subjects related to the Paris Region