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Press release #ParisWeLoveYou

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Alliance 46.2 launches an institutional solidarity campaign to boost the attractiveness of Paris, tourist gateway to France. This viral campaign will begin at noon on 15 December 2015, with the hashtag (...)

Press Release "Versailles", more than a fiction!

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Galerie des Glaces

The Paris Region Tourist Board is participating in the world premiere of the miniseries "Versailles", created by Simon Mirren and David Wolstencroft, which will close the Direct to Series showcase in Los (...)

Press Release Food in Paris Ile-de-France

Destinazione golosa Press releases

Se régaler en Île-de-France

The culinary scene in Paris Ile-de-France is diverse and continually reinventing itself.

It remains highly experimental and creative and is considerably influenced by tradition and innovation. The tourist destination abounds in culinary (...)

Press release Destination Impressionism

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Logo Destination Impressionism

Impressionism is a way of painting that attempts to seize the ephemeral moment, giving more importance to color than to form. As the painters of light and modernity, the Impressionists revolutionized (...)

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