Impressionist guide in Paris Region

A special offer allowing you to book your destination on the footsteps of the masters of light in Paris and its surroundings.

As painters of light and modernity, the Impressionists revolutionised nineteenth century art. They are now the most popular artists in the history of art and their works are part of the world's cultural references.

Using the new railways or sailing down the River Seine, the Impressionists found inspiration in Paris, Paris Region and Normandy. Offering the most prestigious collections of impressionist works, the houses and workshops, places and landscapes that inspired the artists, this vast region now carries the stamp of some of the greatest artists: Monet, Renoir, Degas, Sisley, Van Gogh, etc.

This file contains an offering that is specifically qualified to facilitate its scheduling. It illustrates the diversity, originality and innovation of the offering and announces major events that will attract tourists.

It also contains a special file on the picture library of the Paris Region Tourist Board.