Reception and quality

The quality of the welcome received is crucial to the success of a holiday and shapes a destination's image. The Paris Region destination suffers from a bad reputation however.

Faced with this observation, the Paris Region Tourist Board provides tools to help and support tourism professionals in their approach to improving the welcome.

Since 2012, the "quality management" set up by the Paris Region Tourist Board has been made up of three complementary studies.

The first part of the "quality management" is a qualitative study of visitors' expectations and needs, the results of which allow us to:

  • confirm the selection of criteria used for mystery visits and satisfaction surveys,
  • define the leading trends, trade by trade, with regards the quality that visitors expect,
  • prioritise quality improvement strategies, by establishing major broad-based themes,
  • offer professionals support to satisfy the expectations expressed by visitors.

A quality assessment carried out by professionals, with more than 2,100 mystery visits per year to 150 establishments belonging to 6 tourist trades: museums and monuments, tourist information desks, taxis, cafés brasseries and accommodation services. The results allow the professionals involved to:

  • have an objective tool that assesses the quality of their services,
  • identify their strong points and areas for improvement,
  • define specific plans of action for their teams,
  • observe the changes in quality produced by corrective action and judge the effectiveness of this action

An assessment of visitors' satisfaction, with over 4,000 satisfaction surveys conducted on tourists from 10 strategic countries of origin. They are asked specific questions to judge their level of satisfaction with regards the quality of service provided by the tourist sector. This survey allows us to:

  • to define the main areas of improvement, according to the expectations expressed by visitors and the quality produced by professionals (mystery visits),
  • adjust the mystery visit criteria grid and determine themes to explore in the study on visitor expectations.