Overview of actions taken by the Regional Tourism Committee in South Korea from 22nd au 26th Mai 2017

A week of actions promoting the Paris Region destination in South Korea.


In May 2017, the Paris Region Tourist Board conducted a week of actions on the Korean market.

From the 22nd to 24th May: Workshop and networking operations

The Paris Region Tourist Board  joined together for the first time with the mission Korea Committee organised by the Tourist Information Office and Congrès de Paris and Atout France in Seoul. Workshop, destination press lunch, dinner with the Korean agency directors and canvassing took place over 3 days of meetings where the destination was extensively highlighted.

This partnership made it possible to increase the number of qualified tour operators present at the workshop, to invite the main tour operators in Busan, the second largest source in South Korea, and to increase the number of Paris Region partners present at the operation..

17 professional Paris Region partners in attendance::
Hôtel Mayfair, Centre des Monuments Nationaux, Hôtel Scribe, Galeries Lafayette, France Luxury Car, One Nation Paris, Hôtel Napoléon, Le Grand Musée du Parfum, Hôtel Plaza Elysées, Compagnie des Alpes, Marriott Paris Ambassador, Printemps, Transdev, Pullman, Accor Hotels, Château de Chantilly, Disneyland Paris.

From the25th to 26th May 2017 : French Korean Golf Tournament

The Paris Region destination was guest of honour at the French Korean Golf Tournament organised in partnership with Atout France and the French Chamber of Commerce in Korea.

This operation is targeted at agency chairmen, corporate VIPs and the press. The goal for the Paris Region tourist Board was to highlight the RYDER CUP 2018 golf event and to pursue relations initiated with the leading Korean travel agency chairmen.
To this end, the Paris Region Tourist Board was accompanied by Paul Ian ARMITAGE, Director of the Golf National, where the Ryder Cup is held, one of the largest golf events in the world. The operation took place in two stages :

  •  25th May: signing of a partnership between Golf National and Star Hue Golf and Resort, ranked among the top five golf clubs in Korea, where the event was held. 18 specialist journalists attended this signing.
  • On the 26th May, the golf event flagged with the VisitParisRegion colours, raised awareness among more than 130 major prescribers to the destination’s offer both during the competition and in the evening.

Journalists and decision-makers also discovered that Paris Region, already renowned for its romanticism, culture, outstanding heritage, quality gastronomy and shopping, is also one of the great sporting destinations hosting the biggest international sports events every year and is also a golfing destination with 71 golf courses within its territory.