OVERVIEW An Eagle *! to promote golf in the Paris Region

At the 2018 Ryder Cup, the Paris Region Tourist Board is launching a series of promotional activities around the region’s golf offer: an offer that makes the Tour-operators green!



During the great sporting event of the Ryder Cup 2018 (Competition between the United States and Europe, the golfing equivalent to the World Cup), the Paris Region Tourist Board wanted to highlight the destination to present our offer and the tourist attractions surrounding the golf courses in the region to golf tour operators from around the world.

Since early 2017, the Promotion division has initiated 2 key actions

1/  Upstream of the Rendez-vous en France trade show held in Rouen on the 28th and 29th March, the Paris Region Tourist Board organised a Golf-themed familiarisation trip from the 23rd to the 27th March to help in marketing by highlighting:

Participants: 7 Golf Tour Operators from 7 different countries: USA, United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, China, Denmark, Estonia

2/ At the end of this initiative, the Paris Region Tourist Board entered into a partnership with Golf Traveller, one of the leading wholesaler golf tour operators, present at the familiarisation trip.

As of the 24th April, the Paris Region Tourist Board participated in the Golf Traveller Workshop which took place at the Golf National, in the presence of 30 golf industry Directors (TO, agencies, private clubs, press) from the United Kingdom, the USA, Switzerland, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, Russia, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Japan.

Goals of the Workshop:

  • To create and consolidate the connections with Golf industry influencers in Europe
  • Increase sales pre and post Ryder Cup for the Golf National
  • Communicate and provide information on the opportunities offered by the Paris Region destination

After the presentation by Paul Armitage, Director of the Golf National, the Paris Region Tourist Board presented the Destination’s offer and invited the Palace of Versailles to present its privatised “Groupes et Espaces” offer, sites enjoyed by the Director of Golf Traveller, Kimmo Ekroth, during the familiarisation trip in March.

A quality operation that opens up excellent prospects for further activities to promote our offer with Golf Tour Operators.

*Eagle: hole played 2 shots under par