Chinese market: Joint Paris Region Tourist Board/Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau campaign

The Paris Region Tourist Board and the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau are joining together under the banner VISIT PARIS REGION for a joint campaign on the occasion of the 50th birthday of France-Chinese relations.


2013 saw a spectacular rise in the number of Chinese clientèle in the Paris Region: with 881,000 hotel arrivals (+52% on 2012). For the first time, the Chinese are becoming the most regular Asian visitors to the destination ahead of the Japanese.

The year 2014 marks a key moment in France-China relations through the commemoration of the fiftieth year of ties between France and the People's Republic of China, established on 27 January 1964. The whole year is being marked by artistic and cultural events and official visits which will link the two countries and cultures.

Campagne Chine OTCP/CRT

In an exceptional context, the Paris Region Tourist Board and the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau have decided to participate together in a communications campaign proposed by Atout France Chine, which will be rolled out through the year and which integrates changes in the Chinese market and society in three different areas: romanticism, cultural heritage and nature, and shopping.

The multimedia communications campaign includes:

  • A continuous and interactive presence on Weibo, the main social network in China and the Chinese equivalent to Twitter. With 432,000 followers on its main platform, Atout France is making France the most followed European destination on Weibo. 66 Weibos will be spread throughout the year by the destination. Traffic on Weibo will be strengthened by the organisation of several competitions throughout the year.
  • An important role has been given to traditional forms of media, magazines and TV, to broadcast the content of the campaign beyond social media networks with events organised along certain themes and dedicated newsletters. A BtoB dimension has been created with significant involvement from the three main Chinese state-owned travel agencies, the directors of which will experience a familiarization trip in spring 2014.
  • An poster campaign in Chinese airports: Traditional posters with high impact in China. Atout France has therefore planned to organise an exceptional campaign in Beijing and Shanghai international airports. The campaign will last for the entire month of April, which is optimal timing to encourage departures in high season in particular. The seven boards intended for our destination will be visible to 1.2million passengers in Beijing, 700,000 passengers for Pudong, and 1.2million in Shanghai, which equates to a total of 3.1m opportunities to see it.