All the promotional operations of the Paris Region Tourist Board.

Promoting our region to local markets

Partnerships to reach European customers

Our partnerships with tour operators, railway companies and hoteliers are aimed at reaching end-customers via a variety of online and offline operations in order to trigger off the choice of Paris Region as a destination. These advertising campaigns were based on the summer high point "My summer in Paris" and on theme of Impressionism put forwards in the autumn.
Before and during these campaigns, there were B2B initiatives dedicated to travel agents. The aim of these initiatives is simple - inform the expert channel, make it want to recommend our destination, enable it to back up its sales talk with a selection of cultural events and activities.

Ensure maximum exposure at multi-market trade fairs

There are two major trade fairs organised every year, in partnership with Atout France: Rendez-vous en France and WTM (World Travel Market).
Many of our Paris Region partners attend these trade fairs - the Paris Region Tourist Board implements large-scale communication and advertising campaigns at these trade fairs.

Cultural and events-based partnerships

Exhibitions, events, festivals, etc. There's always something happening in Paris and Paris Region! Our destination is always lively, sometimes surprising, displaying its cultural and patrimonial richness every day. This is a strong point which the Paris Region Tourist Board promotes by developing partnerships with our famous sites and also by revealing lesser known sites.

Securing our visitors loyalty

The eternal charm of Paris is one of its greatest assets but its hidden treasures also secure our visitors loyalty. Paris Region Tourist Board's mission is to highlight our region's heritage and history but maybe it is even more important to support the events that contribute to its dynamic character.
Our selection of events aims to prompt our French and European visitors to schedule short stays in our region. In a nutshell, our guiding principle is simple : create lots of good reasons to "hop over" to Paris Region, for a cultural weekend or longer break.

Highlight the dynamic nature of our destination

The Paris Region Tourist Board has a variety of communication channels. This expertise allows it to provide material support in terms of promotion to partners proposing events:

  • online and offline media from the Paris Region Tourist Board intended for the general public, tourism professionals and the press,
  • presenting events at large international trade fairs and workshops in which the Paris Region Tourist Board takes part,
  • highlighting events on Tourist Information Points display network.

As well as this internal system, events can be advertised via:

  • online and offline media purchasing,
  • online and offline media of intermediaries like tour operators and private operators, etc.