Shows, Congresses and Professional Events

In 2015, Paris Region hosted 3,323 events across its many dedicated sites, in the process attracting 11.4 million visitors, generating 5.1 billion euros in economic revenue (4.1bn for shows and a further 1bn for congresses) and employing 83,248 people on a full-time basis.

The Paris Region Tourist Board has been actively involved for several years in this sector that is so important for the economic development and attractiveness of the Paris region, most notably through the governance and financing of the Welcome Pack for Shows and Congresses in the Paris Region in partnership with Viparis.

The Welcome Pack is a tool for welcoming business travellers at airports and railways stations, providing free shuttle busses and supplying other services for event visitors, exhibitors and delegates across the sites where these events take place.

This partnership between the Paris Region Tourist Board and Viparis has been even stronger since 2015 following the signing of a tripartite agreement with Aéroports de Paris.



The Paris Region Tourist Board’s Promotions and Business Clienteles department, in collaboration with its Analyses and Research division, have also developed a study that identifies the specific needs of business travellers who are attending such events.

Finally, last November, the Paris Region Tourist Board and UNIMEV brought together the leading figures within the sector during the launch of a global performance calculator for the French events industry.

This 100% web based platform provides a unique tool for analysing, managing, evaluating and qualifying the overall performance of the shows, congresses and events that take place across France and in Paris region.