Trade shows

In 2017, Paris Île-de-France hosted 3,674 events at its dedicated venues, including439 trade fairs, 1,110 congresses and 2125business events and shows, examinations-training courses and various other events, attracting nearly 12.0 million visitors in total. The trade fair and congress sector alone generated 5.4 billion euros in economic revenue (4.1 for trade fairs and 1.3 for congresses) and 85,800 jobs, « full-time or equivalent » (ETP).

Sources : CCI Paris Ile-de-France

For several years now, the Regional Tourism Board has been actively involved in this major area of industry for the development and economic attractiveness of the Paris Ile-de-France Region. It has, most notably, managed and financed the Welcome Pack for Trade Fairs and Congresses in the Paris Region since 2009, in partnership with Viparis.  

In 2019, 42 professional events, 23 trade fairs and 19 congresses and corporate events will benefit from the Welcome Pack Paris Region, with its services being used for a total of 148 days.

The Welcome Pack is a scheme that provides welcome services at airports, free transfers by shuttle bus to and from the event venues and other facilities dedicated to assisting visitors, exhibitors and delegates. The partnership between the CRT and Viparis has been bolstered since 2015 thanks to the establishment of a tripartite agreement with Aéroports de Paris.