The profile of a business client

In 2017, 16.3 million travelers stayed in Paris and its region on a business trip. They have generated nearly 7.9 billion euros, which are almost 40% of the tourist consumption in Paris and its Region. Here are the main characteristics of our business clienteles.


  • 60%, are a men aged by 41 on average.
  • 68% are from France, 17% are from the European Union.
  • 74 % stay in paid-for accommodation, mainly in hotels.
  • 92 % are repeaters, the business traveler is  a regular customer of the destination.
  • 71% would like to come back in 1 or 2 years.


  • 5.4 billion euros of direct and indirect economic benefits and 84600 full time equivalent jobs represent the economic impact of the conventions and trade fair sector in 2016 in Paris Ile- de-France.
  • 20.2 billion euros is the turnover realised by the exhibiting companies during trade fairs.
  • 12.7 million visitors in the 20 main venues in Île-de-France.


Economic data

Number of stays :


16.3 million


Tourist Consumption :


7.9 billion euros

Number of nights :


60.7 million


Average  budget :


484 € per pax