How can I order brochures for my Tourist Office, hotel, etc. ?

You can order large numbers of brochures and make them available to the general public at your establishment by sending an e-mail to brochure@visitparisregion.com indicating your establishment's contact details, the titles of brochures you want and how many of each brochure you require.

How do I obtain press releases, press packs and access to the image library?

You will find this information in the Press section.

How do I take part in a Paris Region Tourist Board initiative?

The campaign schedule is available on the web portal. You can register online for some Paris Region Tourist Board initiatives or send your request to the contact mentioned on the page presenting the initiative.

How can I obtain studies, figures or analyses on tourism in Paris Region?

In the section Tourism Figures. You will find studies, surveys and analyses carried out by the Paris Region Tourist Board and key figures on the Paris Region.

For further information, send your enquiry to etudes-observation@visitparisregion.com.

How can I use your photos in my brochures?

You must ask for permission to use an online image. First, you must register with the image library online to access our royalty-free images.

May I use your logo?

To use Paris Region Tourist Board's logo and trademark, you must obtain prior authorisation. Please send your request to communication@visitparisregion.com.

How can you enter into a partnership with us?

Partnerships with public and private-sector players are conducted within the framework of Paris Region Tourist Board's strategy. You can send your partnership proposal to partenariat@visitparisregion.com.

How can I send an unsolicited application for a job or internship?

You can send your unsolicited application comprised of a CV and cover letter to recrutement@visitparisregion.com.