Destination strategy

Paris Region must remain the world's leading tourist destination: this objective is the basis of the Regional Strategy for the development of tourism and leisure activities. This five-year plan confirms the Region's commitments by defining the directions and objectives of the tourist policy for 2011-2016.

It follows the 2000-2010 Regional Tourism and Leisure Programme which allowed the sector to benefit from a considerable increase in the budgets allocated to its development. At the same time, in 2008, tourism was integrated into the Paris Region Master Plan (SDRIF) to ensure that spatial planning over the next thirty years promotes this activity which is essential for Paris Region.

Drawn up in cooperation with the Paris Region Tourist Board and the sector's public and private players, the regional strategy clearly states its founding principle: Paris Region must establish itself as the world's leading sustainable tourism destination.

This cross-cutting priority can be broken down into 5 objectives:

  • promote the conversion of the destination Paris Region into an international reference with regards sustainable tourism,
  • encourage the creation and distribution of sustainable resources and jobs,
  • provide people living in the Paris Region with extended and improved access to leisure activities and holidays,
  • modify and reinforce the international image and importance of the destination,
  • rethink the institutional governance of tourism in Paris Region.